Overview of Forex Indicators

Forex indicators can be conveniently plotted on the chart and help to recognise market movements or patterns; to find the optimal time for trading. There are various free forex indicators that traders can use pre-installed in the MT4, for example.

This makes it easier to analyse trends or market dynamics, for example, and to make more informed trading decisions. We show which Forex indicators investors can use particularly easily and for which market situations they are optimally suited.

  • Forex indicators measure market dynamics, volatility or trend strength
  • Indicators can also be combined with each other
  • Many Forex indicators can be used free of charge with MT4
  • Test the Forex indicators at best with a demo account

Forex indicators explanation: what traders should know about indicators

What are Forex indicators actually and how are they used In order for traders at Exness broker to be able to use the countless Forex indicators correctly, they must first have an understanding of them. Therefore, we first provide the Forex indicators explanation and show why it is so important to work with them in the first place.

The forex market is the largest in the world and of course, like other markets, is subject to fluctuations. Forex indicators are used so that traders can better separate and analyse price movements. However, indicators are not tools for making predictions. They are used to identify possible opportunities and then to exploit them as profitably as possible.

There are good Forex indicators, but they cannot be used for every market situation. In fact, it is often advisable for traders to combine Forex indicators to improve their results. The indicators mainly serve as a compass for investors to keep a firm eye on the horizon in the multitude of (wave-like) price movements on the forex market and to identify the direction for trading.

However, anyone who thinks that the indicators alone are enough to trade profitably on the foreign exchange market is mistaken. A suitable trading strategy, sensible risk management and trading without emotions are also necessary.
Use Forex indicators for free: the oscillators
They are a group of different Forex indicators that can be used for range and trend markets. These indicators point to an upper or lower limit and are intended to help investors in the decision-making process.

Why should oscillators be used?

There are two ways to use an oscillator. One is to determine turning points, tops and bottoms. Oscillators are also used as trend markets to join a trend. Highs or lows are used to enter a trade in the direction of the main trend.

Types of oscillators
There are many types of oscillators available to the trader. It is possible to first group oscillators according to their price sensitivity:

  • MACD
  • RSI

MACD is one of the most common indicators. It is a trend indicator, and it is useless in different markets. The MACD has no upper or lower limits, but it does have a centre line and some traders use crossovers to generate trading signals. RSI is another common and proven indicator used by range traders. It is almost useless in trending markets.

Each oscillator has its own approach to trading the markets. Some provide the aforementioned overbought/oversold levels for trading decisions, others are used by traders through various technical phenomena to produce the desired signals. Of course, false signals can also occur when using the indicators, but experience has shown that this does not occur as frequently as with other analyses (for example, crossovers or the crossing of overbought/oversold levels).